We plan the land.

We help you realize your projects being responsible for planning & assessment of land.

You know what you need – we know how to issue it.

Our services:


  • a survey of land & woodlots
  • a transfer of land lots from one category into another
  • leasing of land lots
  • cadastral works


  • easements on research
  • certificates of choosing of land lots
  • lease contract
  • survey plans, boundary & topographical surveys
  • certification of objects in GIS
  • projects of area planning (PAP)
  • land survey projects (LSP)
  • urban development plans
  • forest development projects (FDP)
  • acts of choice of wood lots
  • technical inspection of the natural acts (INA)
  • map plan for the buffer zone


  • evaluation of land lots
  • evaluation of movable & immovable property
  • support in assessment of easements

Consulting & training:

  • consulting of designated areas
  • examination of land documentary
  • ethics of business
  • a training course ` Issues of Land Management During the Design-Survey Works` (after Smirnova Tatiana)


Our clients & references:

  • LLC ICG `Starstroy Engineering`
  • CJSC `Vankorneft`
  • CJSC `Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegas`
  • PC `Gazprom-South`
  • CC (Chamber of Commerce) `Lukoil-Ukhtaneftegaz`
  • LLC `OK `Balitskaya  S.N.`
  • PC `Giprokauchuk`
  • LLC `Siberian Geodesic Company`
  • LLC `ICG Giprokauchuk`
  • PC `Krasnoyarsk-TICIZ`
  • LLC `Lukoil-West Siberia`
  • CC `Yamalneftegas`
  • PC `NK Yangpur` (OC)
  • CJSC `GK `Rusgazengineering` (GC)
  • PC `ANK  `Bashneft
  • PC `Gazprom-Promgaz`
  • LLC `Orenburg PM`
  • LLC `RN `Krasnodarneftegaz`
  • Branch SE Planning Authority Of Moscow Region
  • Department of Municipal Property Management of Gubkinskiy
  • Department of Property & Land Relations of Tazovskiy Area Administry
  • Management of Architecture, Urban Planning & Land Administration Of Moscow Region, Nadimskiy Area
  • Municipal Education, Purovskiy Area
  • Russian State University of Oil & Gas named after Gubkin I.M.


About us:

Since 2005 ( a year of our foundation) we help our clients realize their projects quicker & easier, taking all the problems of land experting, evaluation of movable & immovable property and issuing of  all documents needed.

Our priorities:

  • transparent & honest business
  • mutual respect & support
  • faith in people in general & confidence in ourselves
  • constant development & progress
  • support & education of young cadres
  • concern about the future of the country, company, clients

Our principles:

  • quickness & reliability
  • quality & professionalism
  • responsibility & punctuality
  • legitimacy & law-abiding
  • good will & ethics

Such highly-qualified specialists work in our company:

  • landexperting engineers
  • cadastral engineers
  • GIS engineers
  • specialists approving the documents
  • specialists — estimators

Our licenses, certificates & diplomas:

  • Registration certificate №89№000471609 from 18.01.2005
  • License to operate №011193   from 21.02.2005 to 21.02.2010
  • Liability insurance policy

Our subsidiary in Moscow city:

  • Activities for land assessment
  • Notification of registration with the tax authority of the legal entity
  • A diploma `An Internal Audit of Quality Management System` of Russian Organization of Quality Training Centre `Business Excellence`
  • A diploma `Basics Of Quality Management ISO 9001` of Russian Organization of Quality training Centre `Business Excellence`
  • A certificate of Financial Academy under the Government Of Russian Federation on Professional Development `A Legal Regulation of Real Estate Transactions`
  • Examination & evaluation of customs goods, confiscated goods, pre-insurance examination (survey) in Russian Academy of Economics named after Plekhanov
  • A diploma of a workshop participant `Topical Issues of Evaluating the Energy & Oil-gas companies` that took place in India (GOA) in January 2007
  • A certificate of Professional Appraisal Institute `Practice of Assessing the value of Land lots`
  • A certificate `Introduction to Arc GIS9(parts 1,2)
  • A certificate `cadastral valuation of the Land
  • Certificates `A Cadastral Engineer`
  • Registration certificate №77№011917307 30.11.2011
  • A certificate `Land use of line objects`, 2012